Condensate Separators

Condensate separators split oil from the condensate water discharged by autodrains fitted to air receivers, cyclonic separators, filters and air dryers. The oil is absorbed by a polypropylene cartridge, which can be discarded in an environmentally friendly manner. The water can be discharged directly into the Municipal drain. Units are sized according to the compressors capacity:

  • WOS-M (1m³ and 2m³ capacity)

  • PURO MINI (3.5 m³ capacity)

  • SEPREMIUM (10m³, 20m³ and 30m³ capacity)

These are designed to remove the main contamination of water & other liquids from compressed air. By removing pollutants in the air & water the output of air is much cleaner and ensures a greater product lifespan. These filters are used both before and after air compression. A filters efficiency is governed by a number of factors including but not limited to its age, make, form, and of course the type of compressor being used.

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