Industry Updates


New products:- The KAPTIV-MD
July 2018

The KAPTIV-MD incorporates the reliable JORC direct acting valve assembly with FPM seals, offering a pressure range of 0 to 16 bar (up to 230 PSI).

new premisesThe solid and robust aluminium housing design has also been incorporated in to this model, following suite with the larger KAPTIV models.

With an inlet connection height of only 74mm this is an incredibly compact solution with unrivalled installation versatility and reliability.

The weight of the KAPTIV-MD is only 0.5kg!

The maximum compressor capacity of this drain is 10 m3/min (350 CFM) and typical draining applications include fridge dryers and filters - mainly due to its incredible compact size.

New products:- N-GEN Nitrogen Generators
July 2018

OMEGA N-GEN nitrogen generators extract the available nitrogen in the ambient air from the other gases by applying the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

During the PSA process compressed, cleaned ambient air is led to a molecular sieve bed, which allows the nitrogen to pass through as a product gas, but adsorbs other gases.

The sieve releases the adsorbed gases to the atmosphere, when the outlet valve is closed and the bed pressure returns to ambient pressure.

Subsequently the bed will be purged with nitrogen before fresh compressed air will enter for a new production cycle. In order to guarantee a constant product flow NG nitrogen generators use two molecular sieve beds, which alternatively switch between the adsorption and the regeneration phase.

Blanketing of Chemicals
Gas Assisted Injection Moulding (GAIM)
Heat Treatment of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
Inerting of Flammable Liquids
Laser Cutting
Prevention of Dust Explosions
Re-flow and Wave Soldering of PCBs
UV-Curing of Coatings
Food processing


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