Our compressed air dryer range includes refrigeration and desiccant:

Refrigeration dryers to handle 0.35 to 147 m3/min
High pressure refrigeration dryers
Desiccant dryers to handle 0.1 to 150 m3/min
Purge-controlled desiccant dryers
Heated desiccant dryers with no purge air loss, and dewpoint controlled

OMEGA’s OMD refrigeration dryer has been designed to lower the dew point in compressed air system by cooling the inlet air. By this water vapour retention of air drops significantly. The excess water condenses and is drained out of the system. Dryers are dimensioned to correspond to compressors from 3kw-120kw. Maximum inlet pressure is up to 16barg.

OMEGA’s A-DRY point of use desiccant adsorption dryer has been specifically designed deliver a dewpoint of -40C PDP and the innovative new design, developed with consideration of the customer, enables fast and reliable installation, use and servicing. Installation is simple with our ready to use controller while minimising the number of parts and motions required for assembly and disassembly makes servicing fast and reliable.